BT Broadband 3rd Best Provider – We Have BT Deals 2024

BT Broadband Customer Service Ranking from OfCom During OfCom’s latest release for the top UK broadband providers with the fewest complaints, BT came in a respectable 3rd place with only 7 complaints per 100,000 subscribers. In #1 spot was surprisingly Sky Broadband with only 4 per 100,000. You wouldn’t know this is the case with the Sky facebook group where customers have listed their … Read more

BT Full Fibre 100 Deal

BT Full Fibre 100 Prices and Download Speeds How Fast is BT Full Fibre 100? BT Full Fibre 100 offers download speeds of 150 Mbps and upload speeds of 27 Mbps. For a limited time, New BT Broadband customers can get a £110 Virtual Prepaid Mastercard if they take on Fibre 2 or get a … Read more

BT Reward Card

Absolutely Unreal BT Reward Card Deal Worth £110! Switch to BT Broadband and get a massive £110 Virtual Reward Mastercard that you can use on Amazon UK and any shops or businesses that accept MasterCard. BT Fibre 1 offers a fantastic £60 Reward Card for new customers on a £28.99 per month plan. You can … Read more

BT Fibre 1 Deal ⋆ 2022

BT Fibre 1 Deal £28.99 Per Month ⋆ Get £60 Reward Card BT Broadband is offering its Fibre 1 broadband package for £28.99 Per Month and includes a brilliant £60 Reward MasterCard. With the reward card and Free Setup the average monthly cost is £26.49 over the 24 Month contract. Listed below are the three … Read more

BT Fibre To The Home

BT Fibre To The Home BT Fibre To The Home is also referred to as Full Fibre, FTTP, or Fibre To The Premises, with BT offering three different full-fibre broadband speeds. You can choose from BT Fibre 100, BT Fibre 250, and BT Full Fibre 900 and is currently available to 20% of UK households. … Read more

BT Full Fibre Deals

BT Full Fibre Deals and Prices BT Full Fibre is available in three broadband speeds: BT Fibre 100, BT Fibre 250,  BT Fibre 100, BT Fibre 250,  BT Full Fibre 900. BT Fibre 100 features 150 Mbps download speeds for £39.99 per month. BT Fibre 250 features download speeds up to 300 Mbps for £49.99 … Read more

What Is BT Fibre 2?

What Is BT Fibre 2? BT Fibre 2 is considered superfast broadband because of its 67 Mbps download speed and 19 Mbps upload speed. It is a very affordable £32.99 per month and comes with a MASSIVE £110 Reward Card from BT. This reduces the overall monthly price below £27 per month and we mention how … Read more

BT Fibre 2 Only £29.99

BT Fibre 2 & £110 Reward Mastercard If you were thinking of switching to BT Broadband, now is an excellent time to jump ship as BT has lowered its monthly price to £29.99. This is in addition to giving new customers a MASSIVE £110 BT Reward Card.  BT Fibre 2 Broadband Speeds Explained If you’re … Read more