Best UK Broadband & TV Deals for 2022

Compare The UK’s Best 2022 Broadband & TV Deals & Offers

Cheap Broadband Deals from £15.99 Per Month for 10 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speeds from the UK's best broadband providers like Sky, BT, Plusnet, Virgin Media, and EE

Cheap Broadband Deals
From Top UK Providers!

10 Mbps Download Speeds

1 Mbps Upload Speeds

Unlimited Broadband

Deals From
£15.99 Per Month

Superfast Broadband Deals from £21.99 Per Month with download speeds ranging from 59 Mbps to 108 Mbps. Superfast fibre is an internet connection that uses optic fibre from the main exchange to the cabinet. The cabinet then has copper wire connected from the cabinet to the premises.

Superfast Broadband Deals
From Top UK Providers!

59-108 Mbps Download 

Up to 19 Mbps Upload

Unlimited Broadband

Deals From
£21.99 Per Month

TV and Broadband Bundles With Landline Available UK Wide

TV and Broadband Bundles
From Top UK Providers

Includes 100+ TV Channels

Compare Top 4 TV Providers

Unlimited Broadband

Bundles From
£29.99 Per Month

Ultrafast Broadband Deals range from £25.00 per month with up to 920 Mbps download speeds and 920 Mbps upload speeds. Ultrafast fibre is over 10x faster than standard ADSL broadband

Ultrafast Broadband Deals
From Top UK Providers

108+ Mbps Download 

10+ Mbps Upload

Unlimited Broadband

Deals From
£25.00 Per Month

Ultrafast Broadband Deals from The Best Internet Providers in the UK

Full Fibre Broadband Deals
From Top UK Providers

Compare 500 Mbps up to 3,000 Mbps Download

Unlimited Broadband

Deals From
£35.00 Per Month

Business Broadband Deals from £18.00 Per Month. Business Fibre starts at £22 per month for 76 Mbps download speeds and 19 Mbps upload speeds. You can add unlimited UK calling for only £9.50 per month extra.

Business Broadband
From Top UK Providers

Unlimited Broadband

Add Unlimited Calling £6.50

Deals for Small & Large Businesses!

Deals From
£18.00 Per Month

Sky Mobile Phone Deals from £10 per month for various data plans. We have the latest Sky Mobile Apple iPhone Deals and Sky Mobile Samsung Galaxy S21 deals

Mobile Phone Deals
From Sky Mobile

Roll Your Data Each Month

Share Data With Another SIM

Next Day Delivery Available!

Deals From
£12 for 20 GB Data!

London Broadband Compares the Best UK Internet Providers London Broadband Internet Comparison Website


London Broadband chooses the top UK providers based on the latest OfCom reports to deliver you an instant comparison of the leading UK broadband providers. This helps provide you quick, reliable results within seconds that you and your family can depend on!

We are also different from other broadband comparison sites as we don’t ask you for your postcode. We believe that not requiring a postcode helps gain trust with the customer that we don’t need their personal information to give them the best deal!

Engineers are extremely busy building full-fibre networks throughout the UK in several major UK cities every single day. A postcode checker relies on a database that may not be up to date, whereas if you enter it on the partner site directly, you get a more concise result. That is why we encourage you to bookmark our website so keep checking in for the newest deals from each internet provider.

If this is your first time switching broadband providers, we will help guide you through this no-hassle process. Our first recommendation is to click on this broadband calculator (opens in a new tab for you) to determine how much broadband your household uses.

Once you have finished calculating your speeds, you can start hunting for a broadband deal within the suggested speed range. First of all, if you’re looking to bundle your TV and broadband, we recommend visiting our TV and broadband comparison page.

Comparing Internet Deals Based on Broadband Speeds

If you’re looking for broadband or broadband with a line rental deal, please choose from the speeds below to compare the best prices for those speeds. Instantly compare the top UK broadband providers!
5-25 Mbps ★ 26-50 Mbps ★ 51-108 Mbps 108-216 Mbps ★ 500+ Mbps Full Fibre

We suggest always getting a little more broadband than less if you watch TV or devices that use broadband for images. Otherwise, you risk getting the buffering icon watching TV and having interrupted gameplay if you play online games.

That doesn’t mean that if your calculation is 101 Mbps, we suggest 200 Mbps; instead, Virgin Media M100 with a 108 Mbps download speed, Shell Energy Full Fibre 100, or EE Fibre Max 100. We want our customers to get the best broadband deal that suits their household the best. If that means waiting to talk to your wife or husband to find the best option, feel free to leave this tab open.

What Are Download Speeds and Upload Speeds?

We would love to explain what it is and how it may or may not affect you for those new download and upload speeds. When you “download” or “get” information from a server, it is also referred to as your download speed. On the contrary, when you’re sending” data to the server, this process is known as “uploading”.  

Watching Ultra HD (UHD) on your 4K TV requires at least a 25 Mbps download speed for watching Netflix and  YouTube UHD recommends a minimum of 20 Mbps download speed.

Download speeds will matter to internet customers who play games online or often download large files over 1 GB. Purchasing a game through the online store for PC and console requires a fast download speed as some games are enormous.  Fortnite is one of the most popular online games and is a vast 17.5 GB (17,500 MB) in size.

Downloading Games and Files Over 1 GB in Size

A standard ADSL internet connection with a 10 Mbps download speed would take four hours to download. Similarly, if you have a superfast fibre connection of 67 Mbps, the Fortnite download would take only 34.8 minutes. One of the most popular full-fibre internet connection speeds is 500 Mbps and would only take 4.6 minutes to download. 

Upload speeds will matter to broadband customers who upload large files or stream live videos such as Facebook Live. When you stream a live video of yourself, you are sending data to the server or internet provider of the host. Faster upload speeds allow you to send videos and pictures to friends and family quicker. 

Internet Download and Upload Speed Summary

Download and Upload speed requirements depend on your specific household needs and lifestyle. Do you tend to spend most of your time outdoors and rarely use the internet? We recommend 50% of your maximum download speed based on how often you use your broadband. 

If you’re a broadband customer who uses Cryptocurrency, we suggest sticking to the Maximum Download Speed. The Maximum Download Speed ensures a stable, consistent connection to the crypto exchange server for constantly accurate prices.

Suppose you live in the London, UK area. We strongly suggest looking at Community Fibre as they have an excellent 4.9/5.0 TrustPilot rating from over 11,000 reviews. For Broadband customers located outside London, we would recommend based on the fewest customer complaints from OfCom.

UK Broadband Providers With Fewest Complaints

This June 2021 report shows EE Broadband was #1 with only four complaints per 100,000 customers, and Sky came in the #2 spot with just five complaints per 100,000. BT was the #3 broadband provider with ten complaints and below the industry average of 12.

After purchasing Post Office, Shell Energy broadband jumped into #4 and #4 and was slightly above the industry average with 13. The pandemic has taken a toll on Plusnet, with a surprising 15 complaints per 100,000 after consistently placing #1 or #2 for three straight years pre-pandemic. Rounding out the major UK providers is Virgin Media, with 17 complaints per 100,000 customers.

Curious if You’re Getting the Broadband Speeds, You Were Promised?

The difference between advertised download speeds and actual download speeds vary by broadband provider. You can try our Free Broadband Speed Test and choose any server near you for the most accurate download and upload speed results. If you’re not getting the speeds you promised, we recommend trying Resolver (a free service as well) for raising complaints. 

They can help you contact your provider directly to resolve various complaints, including speed, price, and billing issues. If you need help finding a deal, please email us at, and we will gladly help you get the best deal possible.