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Ultrafast Broadband Deals from The Best Internet Providers in the UK

£16.99 Per Month

10 Mbps Download Speed

1 Mbps Upload Speed

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Business Broadband Deals

£23.95 Per Month

66 Mbps Download Speed

96% UK Wide Availability

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TV and Broadband Bundles With Landline Available UK Wide

£33.00 Per Month

96% UK Wide Availability

100+ TV Channels

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Ultrafast Broadband Deals from The Best Internet Providers in the UK

£28.00 Per Month

Bundle With TV From £34.00

Watch 4K Sports

Up to 500 Mbps Download

£54.00 Per Month

900 Mbps Average Speed

Compare up to 1,104 Mbps

Up to 110 Mbps Upload Speed

£22.00 Per Month

76 Mbps Average Speeds

Compare up to 300 Mbps

Up to 48 Mbps Upload Speed

Our Guide to Getting You The Best Deal for Broadband, TV, and Phone! 

The first step to helping you find the best deal for broadband, TV, and phone is by comparing the most reliable and trusted providers. We chose the Top five broadband providers based on current OfCom rankings with #1 Plusnet (93%),#2 EE Home Broadband (88%),#3 Sky (86%),#3  BT (86%), and #5 Virgin Media (85%). We also added Shell Energy broadband based on their high 3.9/5 Trust Pilot ranking and Italk (4.7/5 Trust Pilot Ranking) for a cheap ADSL option.

The second step is to calculate how much bandwidth you need by using this Free Bandwidth Calculator that allows you to estimate your bandwidth. We made it so it opens in a new window so you can easily get your estimate, close the window and choose a broadband speed package listed above.

The amazing feature of this calculator is that it’s based on your Own Actual Usage without some salesman trying to upsell you. If the calculator suggests 20 Mbps or less then you could choose either the cheap ADSL broadband which also features cheap fibre options. If you prefer to have more than enough bandwidth you would probably want fibre with 35 Mbps speeds.

Your final step is choosing the broadband speed you need by comparing the best UK broadband providers all in one go! We are continuously updating with the best deals on offer so you can switch easily without a hitch!

When you bundle your broadband, TV, and phone services you will find that Virgin Media TV deals are the cheapest. Prices range from £29.99 per month to £33.00 per month based on the promotional period. The next cheapest is Sky TV bundled with Sky Superfast Fibre and PAYG calls for £43 per month. EE Broadband offers Apple 4K TV and Fibre Plus for just £42 per month, and BT offers TV and Fibre 2 for £43.99 per month. See our exclusive Broadband & TV Deals section for more information on TV bundles and packages.

London Broadband Recommends Superfast Fibre for Watching Ultra HD (UHD)

Do you have a 4K or 8K Ultra HD (UHD) television? If you plan to purchase a 4K television soon, you will need at least 25 Mbps to download speed for watching UHD. If you look on the Netflix website, you will see their minimum recommended speeds for HD and Ultra HD. The YouTube Ultra HD streaming service requires at least a 20 Mbps download speed, according to Google. See the latest Superfast Broadband Deals!

Compare Ultrafast Broadband Deals

Ultrafast broadband deals start from just £27.99 per month for 108 Mbps download speed offered by Virgin Media M100 broadband and compare the best broadband deals for the broadband speed range of 108 and 150 Mbps. Prices for ultrafast fibre has dropped substantially and is just £3.00 per month more than superfast fibre. 

Virgin Media offers the cheapest prices for ultrafast broadband and is available to 52% of UK households vs 20% of broadband providers that use the GFAST network. See below to see a comparison of Full Fibre 900 and Gig1 Fibre. Take a look at the latest Ultrafast Broadband Deals!

Comparing Full Fibre and Gig1 Fibre Speeds

Full Fibre and Gig1 Fibre offer the fastest possible broadband speeds, with Virgin Media Gig1 Fibre offering the fast broadband speed with an incredible 1.1 Gbps (1,104 Mbps) download speed. BT Full Fibre 900 comes in 2nd place with a 910 Mbps download speed, and EE Fibre Max 900 is very close behind with 900 Mbps download speeds.

Comparing Full Fibre and Gig1 Fibre Prices

Full Fibre and Gig1 Fibre are very close in price, with Virgin Media Gig1 Fibre costing £62 per month compared to BT Full Fibre 900 at £59.99 per month. EE Fibre Max 900 is £60 per month, but if you are an EE Mobile customer, your price drops to just £54 per month (10% Savings). See the latest Full Fibre and Gig1 Broadband Deals!