Free Broadband Speed Test

Free Broadband Speed Test

Hello and Welcome to the Free Broadband speed test, where you can test your broadband speeds quickly, easily and choose your own local server to test. You can choose any major UK city including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle Upon Tyne etc. Feel free to read our recommendations listed below the speed test for your convenience. 

I Completed My Free Broadband Speed Test. What Should I Do Next?

First Step: London Broadband recommends using this free bandwidth calculator (opens in new tab), which estimates the broadband speeds that your broadband usage requires. It will factor in the number of households using Wi-Fi, including frequency, and devices including smart devices like Google Home.

Last Step: Once you have calculated your broadband speed, you can now very quickly and easily compare the best prices all in one go. Choose from the options below that are within the broadband range that the bandwidth calculator suggested.

Broadband Speed Calculations/Recommendations:

If your calculated bandwidth speed was 25 Mbps or lower, we recommend looking at “Cheap Broadband Deals” for the absolute lowest prices on broadband!

If the broadband speed recommendation was above 25 Mbps and below 100 Mbps, we recommend looking at the cheapest Superfast Broadband deals!

If you were recommended a broadband speed above 100 Mbps, we suggest looking at the latest Ultrafast Broadband deals!

If you’re looking to bundle broadband, TV, and phone, we suggest looking at the latest Broadband and TV deals available.

If it happens to be Monday morning and you’re still very sleepy, we have provided the latest Plusnet Broadband deals below for you. That is because Plusnet offers the cheapest prices for both ADSL and Superfast fibre and offers awesome reward cards for new customers.

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London Broadband Speed Test