Bandwidth Calculator UK

Bandwidth Calculator UK

Are you looking for a download and upload speed calculator to estimate the speeds needed for your household devices? See our calculator below which, takes less than a minute to complete. See our recommendations below the calculator.

Our Download Speed Recommendations for Your Household

If your broadband download speed was 50 Mbps or under you may want to check out our cheapest broadband deals on offer in the UK. If you’re in London, you will want to check out our review of Community Fibre with a Trustpilot rating of 4.9/5 for amazing customer service. You can get 50 Mbps download speed for £10 Per Month for 12 Months then £20 Per Month for Months 13-24.

Community Fibre offers cheap broadband deals from only £20 per month for 75 Mbps download and upload speeds.

Do Download Speeds Matter?

This question varies from household to household and to help answer this question easily we provided a chart below. The download speed comparison chart shows how fast a media file such as a game or video can be downloaded. If you don’t like waiting for your downloads you will want to visit our full fibre collection for the fastest broadband speeds.

Media Type


10 Mbps 


67 Mbps 

Full Fibre

150 Mbps 

YouTube Clip 50 MB

41 Seconds

6 Seconds

2 Seconds

Album 100 MB

1 Min 23 Seconds

12 Seconds

5 Seconds

TV Show 450 MB

6 Mins 17 Seconds

56 Seconds

25 Seconds

TV Film HD 1500 MB

20 Mins 58 Seconds

3 Mins 7 Seconds

1 Min 23 Seconds

Video Game 53 GB

12 Hours 20 Mins

1 Hour 50 Minutes

49 Mins 28 Seconds

As you can see by the chart depending on the activities you do online you may need the fastest broadband package available. On average most households have superfast fibre with download speeds of 59-66 Mbps and upload speeds of 19 Mbps. Deals for speeds in this category range from £17.00 and up or if you’re looking to bundle we have superfast & TV bundles for you.

Broadband Only Recommendations

If your looking for broadband only deals we recommend checking out Hyperoptic Broadband with a massive 4.5/5 Trustpilot rating. Hyperoptic is a provider you can trust and rely on with incredible customer service and they offer incredible deals on broadband from £10 per month.

Hyperoptic deal button. Click to get Hyperoptic offer for internet with prices starting from only £20 per month for 50 Mbps or only £35 per month for 900 Mbps download and upload speeds.


Gigaclear Broadband is our #3 recommended UK broadband provider with prices from £17 per month for 12 months then £40 from Months 13-18.

Gigaclear UK Internet Provider from £19 Per Month

Gigaclear has a brilliant 4.1/5 rating with over 10,000 reviews making it one of the top leading UK broadband providers with impeccable customer service. You can count on Gigaclear to deliver an amazing customer experience to over 200 communities UK wide.

Gigaclear Broadband Provider for Rural UK residents located all over the UK. Prices from £19 per month for 200 Mbps