Plusnet Full Fibre 500 Internet

Plusnet Full Fibre 500 Broadband Is Finally Here!

Plusnet Full Fibre broadband offers 74 Mbps, 145 Mbps, and 500 Mbps download speeds and comes with the Plusnet Hub 2 Router for superior streaming performance.

Plusnet Full Fibre 500 offers internet customers a chance to finally experience reliable pure fibre broadband with consistently fast download speeds. Full Fibre 500 offers 75 Mbps upload speeds which will send photos and videos faster than ever before!

Priced at just £40.99 per month, Plusnet offers the cheapest full fibre 500 package amongst BT, EE, Sky, Virgin, TalkTalk, and Shell Energy

Comparing Plusnet Full Fibre Download Times

Plusnet Full Fibre Download Times for Full Fibre 74, Full Fibre 145, and Full Fibre 500

Full Fibre 500 offers a download speed 9x faster than Full Fibre 74 for customers looking to have the most productive download speed. You can save yourself nearly half an hour of waiting if you download large files over 5 GB on a consistent basis. Full Fibre 74 and Full Fibre 145 offer consistently fast download times and is perfect for households on a tighter budget. 

Contract Terms

Unlike previous broadband plans that offer 12 or 18 month terms, all full fibre contracts are on 24 month terms. All contracts offer unlimited bandwidth and Plusnet will never throttle or slow your speed even during peak times.