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Virgin Media Broadband Only Deals April 2021

If you’re looking for broadband only deals, Virgin Media has four different broadband speeds that offer a “broadband only” option.

The four broadband speeds include Virgin Media M100 fibre, Virgin Media M200 fibre, Virgin Media M350 fibre, and Virgin M600 fibre.

The fantastic news is you will save an average of £6 per month without a phone line in your plan. You can take a look at the plans below, complete with pricing, download speeds, and contract term. 

Virgin Media M100 Broadband from £28 per monthM100 Broadband Only Highlights

Virgin Media M100 is the cheapest ultrafast broadband deal for broadband download speeds of over 100 Mbps. M100 fibre is only £3.01 per month more than Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra, but you get 39% faster broadband. 

The 108 Mbps download speed for Virgin M100 is great for gaming, streaming, and watching Ultra HD TV (UHD). Fortnite is one of the most popular games online and is a massive 17.5 GB download. Virgin M100 would finish downloading in 22 minutes vs 37 minutes for Plusnet and 41 minutes for Sky Superfast broadband.

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Virgin Media M200 Broadband from £34 per monthVirgin Media M200 Fibre Only

Virgin Media M200 broadband is 66 Mbps faster than Sky Ultrafast fibre and BT Full Fibre 100. The monthly price of £34 per month is cheaper than both Sky Ultrafast (£35 Per Month) and BT Fibre 100 (£39.99 Per Month).

According to the latest OfCom Rankings, Virgin Media is one of the Top 5 UK broadband providers for Overall Customer Satisfaction. Virgin Media was just 1% away from sharing a three-way split with Sky and BT for 3rd spot overall.

The M200 broadband only deals perfect for those who mainly use their mobile phone for calls. By not having calling on your deal, you will save an average of £6 per month or £148 during the contract. 

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Virgin Media M350 Broadband with download speeds 362 MbpsVirgin Media M350 Internet Only

Virgin Media M350 ultrafast broadband is £40 per month for absolutely ridiculous 362 Mbps download speeds. To put this in perspective, BT Full Fibre 250 offers 300 Mbps for £49.99 per month. EE Fibre Max 300 is £48 per month and also offers 300 Mbps download speeds. 

Virgin M350 ultrafast fibre is 62 Mbps faster and £9.99 per month cheaper than BT, and £8 cheaper than EE Broadband. 

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Virgin Media M600 Broadband with 630 Mbps download speeds and 41 Mbps upload speedsVirgin Media M600 Deal 

M600 Broadband is the fastest internet you can get as a “Standalone” deal for just £54 per month. You may not see the M600 broadband plan available yet as Virgin is upgrading from the M500 broadband plan. Instead of 516 Mbps download speeds, you will get to enjoy 630 Mbps for the same price. 

If you frequently download large files, you will notice the difference between your broadband speeds almost immediately. Virgin Ultrafast broadband is available to over 52% of UK households.

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