Sky Internet ⋆ April 2021 Prices

Sky Internet Prices for April 2021

Sky offers three different internet deals or plans for new customers, including Sky Essential, Sky Superfast Fibre (Also known as Sky Fibre Max), and Sky Ultrafast Broadband.

You will find these three broadband packages listed below with our recommendations for Sky Internet. You can use this handy bandwidth calculator to find out your recommended broadband speeds.

Sky Essential Broadband £25 per month for 10 mbps download speedsSky Essential Internet ⋆ 10 Mbps Download ⋆ 1 Mbps Upload

Sky Essential Broadband is exactly as it sounds by providing very basic ADSL internet speeds. The price tag of £25 per month is a lot more than Plusnet Unlimited Broadband for just £18.99 per month for the same speed. 

ADSL broadband uses copper wiring, so it is a much slower speed than superfast and ultrafast broadband. This deal or plan is suitable for customers who rarely use the internet and need it for checking banking, emails, Facebook etc.

Sky Essential Broadband 10 Mbps download speeds.

Sky Superfast Broadband and Sky Fibre Max £28 Per Month with 59 Mbps downloiad and 19 mbps upload speedsSky Superfast Fibre ⋆ Sky Fibre Max ⋆ 59 Mbps Download

Sky Superfast Broadband is also commonly referred to as Sky Fibre Max, with superfast download speeds of 59 Mbps. You can watch Ultra HD shows on Netflix as 59 Mbps is double the broadband speed Netflix recommends.

You will notice that Sky is now offering Sky Superfast internet with a Wi-Fi guarantee and one without. Standard superfast broadband is £28 per month or £33 per month with a Wi-Fi guarantee.

Sky Superfast Broadband and Sky Fibre Max offer 59 Mbps for £28 per month.

Should I Get The Sky Wi-Fi Guarantee?

The Sky Wi-Fi guarantee is part of the Sky Broadband Boost package for an extra £5 per month. The £33 per month price tag doesn’t make a lot of sense when you can get Sky Ultrafast broadband for just £2 per month more. You would also get 2x faster internet speeds with 147 Mbps. The only drawback to getting Ultrafast broadband is the availability as Sky launches ultrafast UK wide.

Sky Ultrafast Broadband from £35 Per Month with 147 Mbps download speeds and 27 Mbps upload speeds.

Sky Ultrafast Fibre ⋆ 147 Mbps Download ⋆ 27 Mbps Upload

Sky Ultrafast Broadband is priced at an affordable £35 per month and is cheaper than BT Fibre 100. There are several areas across the UK you can get Sky Ultrafast broadband, including Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, and London. 

We tested out the postcode M204PG and selected a St. Pauls Rd. Address and found Sky Ultrafast was available to all of the addresses in the list. Sky Ultrafast is perfect for streaming Ultra HD and downloading large files.

It is an affordable option for those working from home needing a lightning-fast and reliable internet connection.

Sky Ultrafast Broadband from £35 Per Month with 147 Mbps download speeds and 27 Mbps upload speeds.