Virgin Media Cheap Broadband Deals

Virgin Media M100 Cheap Broadband Deal

Virgin Media M100 ultrafast broadband (108 Mbps download speeds) is available as a Broadband Only standalone package. Priced at £25 per month, M100 is officially the cheapest ultrafast broadband plan offered by UK’s top providers.

You can also bundle Virgin Media M100 broadband with phone and TV services based on your specific needs. Below, we have listed the prices for “Broadband Only”, “Broadband With Phone” and the cheapest TV bundle with M100 ultrafast fibre.

Virgin Media Fibre Deals

Virgin M100

£27.00 Per Month

108 Mbps Download Speed

10 Mbps Upload Speed

Free Set Up!

18 Month Contract

Free Weekend Calls!

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Virgin M200

£32.00 Per Month

216 Mbps Download Speed

20 Mbps Upload Speed

Free Set Up!

18 Month Contract

Free Weekend Calls!

Virgin M500

£44.00 Per Month

516 Mbps Download Speed

36 Mbps Upload Speed

Free Set Up!

18 Month Contract

Unlimited UK Calling!

Virgin M100 Broadband Only ⋆ £25 Per Month

If you choose to get Virgin Broadband Only, you save an extra £6 per month than if you have phone services. This deal is excellent for customers who prefer to use streaming services like Netflix or watch much television.

This deal offers the fastest download speeds for cheap broadband deals under £30 per month and is fantastic for streaming Ultra HD (UHD) across a few devices. 

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Virgin Media M100 Broadband & Phone ⋆ £25 Per Month

Virgin Media offers M100 ultrafast broadband with phone for just £25 per month. If you mostly call on the weekends, this is the perfect bundle for you as you get FREE unlimited weekend calling

If you’re looking to add a sports package you can get the Bigger Bundle for £57 Per Month and includes ALL four BT Sport channels. You get Virgin Media M100 Broadband and unlimited weekend calling anywhere in the UK. 

Now you can call friends or family day or night for as long as you want on Saturday and Sunday. Most people tend to do most of their calling during the weekend anyway, and it is a great way to keep in touch during the pandemic!

Virgin Media Gig1 Fibre offers 1,104 Mbps Download speeds with 54 Mbps upload speeds. Gig1 Fibre costs £62 per month or £64 with Virgin Home Phone.

Virgin Gig1 Fibre

37.4% UK Availability

 1,104 Mbps Download

54 Mbps Upload Speeds

10 GB SIM O2 Data!

18 Month Contract

Free Set Up!

£48.00 Per Month

£48.00 Per Month Cost
With Fees and Rewards

Compare Virgin Gig1 With Other Providers Offering 900 Mbps+ Download Speeds

Community Fibre

Available to 26+
London Boroughs!

920 Mbps Download Speed

920 Mbps Upload Speeds

#1 On Trust Pilot 4.9/5

18 Month Contract

Free Set Up!

£30.00 Per Month

£30.00 Per Month Cost
With Fees and Rewards

Gigaclear Rural UK Full Fibre broadband provider with prices from £19 per month for 200 Mbps download and 200 Mbps uppload speeds for rural UK addresses.

Gigaclear Fibre
for Rural UK

830 Mbps Download Speed

830 Mbps Upload Speeds

#2 Highest Upload Speeds!

18 Month Contract

Free Set Up!

£49.00 Per Month

£49.00 Per Month Cost
With Fees and Rewards

Sky G8gafast Fibre offers 900 Mbps download speeds and 100 Mbps upload speeds for £55 per month.

Sky Gigafast

Brand New Sky Speed!

 900 Mbps Download Speed

100 Mbps Upload Speeds

600 Mbps Speed Guarantee

18 Month Contract

Free Set Up Offer!

£49.99 Per Month

£49.99 Per Month Cost
With Fees and Rewards

EE Fibre Max 900

#1 Customer Service

 900 Mbps Download Speed

110 Mbps Upload Speeds

Free 20 GB Mobile Data!

18 Month Contract

Free Set Up!

£50.00 Per Month

£50.00 Per Month Cost
With Fees and Rewards

BT Full Fibre 900

£50 Virtual Reward Card

910 Mbps Download

110 Mbps Upload Speeds

455 Mbps Speed Guarantee

24 Month Contract

£29.99 Set Up Fee

£55.99 Per Month

£55.16 Per Month Cost
After Fees and Rewards

Virgin Media Broadband Deal With TV

The cheapest broadband and TV bundle with M100 broadband is the Big Bundle with Drama Pick. This cheap deal is currently £39 per month and offers over 135 TV channels with 108 Mbps download speeds.

As a new customer, you might be excited to know this bundle comes with Virgin Media’s flagship Virgin 360 TV platform. In case you’re not familiar with the Virgin 360 TV, it allows you to use your voice to control your TV. This nifty device has a 1TB storage capacity for up to 100 hours of recording your favourite shows in HD.

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Virgin Media M350 Broadband Deal

Virgin Media M350 broadband offers blazing-fast broadband speeds of 362 Mbps and will typically bury the needle in broadband speed tests. If you are looking for a broadband powerhouse, Virgin Media M350 is fantastic for gaming, downloading, and streaming Ultra HD (UHD).

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If you already have a TV plan or rarely watch television, you can even get Virgin Media M350 as a broadband-only package. For just £40 per month, you can download Fortnite (17.5 GB Download) in 6 minutes 45 seconds. BT Fibre 100 costs £39.99 per month, but with 150 Mbps, it would take 16 minutes to download Fortnite. 

As you can see, Virgin Media offers excellent value for customers needing ultrafast fibre or even Gig1 Fibre. You can see what broadband options and deals are on offer from Virgin, as our link below will take you straight to the deal shop.

Deal ButtonHow Do I Find Out How Much Bandwidth I Need?

For many UK households, it can be difficult to gauge exactly how fast your broadband speeds should be. That is why we recommend that you try out this FREE bandwidth calculator tool.

We made it, so it opens in a new tab to close it once you have completed your calculation. It asks for the number of people in your household and which devices you use, including smart devices.

You are also asked if you use your devices rarely, weekly, or daily and the value changes accordingly. If you want to upgrade your broadband plan and switch to Virgin Media, you can hit the massive button below.

If you want to compare all broadband deals and plans on offer from Virgin Media, you can check our Virgin Media broadband deals page. Either way, you are absolutely amazing, and we appreciate your support!

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