Deals on Broadband and TV

Deals on Broadband and TV for Download Speeds Between 100 and 213 Mbps

Best Broadband & TV Bundles By Top UK Providers

Virgin Media Big Bundle £29.99 per month includes M100 fibre broadband with 108 Mbps download speeds and 10 Mbps upload speeds. Big Bundle comes with over 100 TV channels including MixIt TV. Price is only £29.99 per month and includes unlimited Free weekend calling.

Virgin Big Bundle

Unlimited Speeds

264 Mbps

  25 Mbps

2.0/5 on Trustpilot

18 Month Contract

100+ TV Channels

Free Weekend Calls!

Free Set Up!

£30.99 Per Month

£0 Upfront Fees!

Gigaclear Broadband offers 200 Mbps download and upload from only £17 per month on an 18 month contract.

Fibre 150

Unlimited Speeds

140 Mbps

 27 Mbps

4.1/5 on Trustpilot

Affordable TV

Includes Linksys Router

18 Month Contract

£15 Set Up Fee

£40.00 Per Month

 = £40.83p/m with Setup Fee

BT Broadband offers Fibre 2 Broadband and BT TV for just £46.99 per month and you can get BT Sport 4K with exclusive 4K Premier League Matches to dazzle your TV.

BT TV & Fibre 2

Unlimited Speeds

67 Mbps

19 Mbps

1.6/5 on Trustpilot

BT Reward Mastercard is Worth £110 for Black Friday in the UK

£50 Reward Mastercard for New Customers

24 Month Contract

£59.99 Set Up Fee

£52.99 Per Month

 = £53.41p/m With Gift Card & Setup Fee

Sky TV & Ultrafast Broadband is on Sale

Sky TV & Superfast

Unlimited Speeds

145 Mbps

20 Mbps

1.5/5 on Trustpilot

Sky Entertainment & Netflix Bundle!

250+ Channels

18 Month Contract

£10 Set Up Fee

£53.00 Per Month

 = £53.56p/m With Setup Fee

Our Broadband and TV Deal Recommendations

Our comparison table above displays the Trustpilot rating of the three best UK internet providers according to Trustpilot UK. We included the Fewest Complaints Ranking from OfCom. We want to give you the best options that are available in your area with reliable broadband services.

Before switching services you can go on Facebook groups to research the provider you’re interested in to hear what customers say. Chances are you may have a neighbour who has had either pleasant or not pleasant experiences with the engineers or staff. Word of mouth is very reliable especially from a trusted source like a close friend or family member.

Is a 200 Mbps Download Speed Fast Enough?

For most UK households, 200 Mbps download speeds is more than enough speed for gaming, downloading, and streaming. If you’re not sure how much data your devices download we created a Free Broadband Calculator that calculates your Download & Upload speed.

The calculator uses formulas based on recommendations from Netflix, Google, and Youtubeincluding 4K, HD, and online gaming. It is important to know that if you download large files regularly it will be beneficial to have faster broadband as it reduces downloading times. For example, ADSL will take over four hours to download Fortnite (17.5 GB) instead of 12 minutes with 200 Mbps fibre.

How Much Download Speed Does 4K Use?

Depending on the platform that you watch 4K films and shows, you can use 15 Mbps download speeds for watching Netflix in Ultra HD. YouTube Premium uses slightly more with a minimum 20 Mbps download speed requirement. Online Battle Arena’s require a solid 6 Mbps download speed, as several players are connected in one online environment. 

Deals on Broadband and TV With Mobile

Virgin Media offers the Ultimate Volt Bundle featuring unlimited broadband, landline UK calls, mobile UK calls, and ALL TV channels from as low as £85 per month. The regular price is £99 per month based on an 18 month contract.

Virgin Media Ultimate Volt Bundle for £85 per month with £150 bill credit.