Virgin Media M350 Broadband Speed

How Fast is the Virgin Media M350 Broadband Speed?

Answer: 362 Mbps. To give you an idea of how fast this is, Fortnite is one of the most popular games online and is 17,500 Mbps in size. M350 Broadband would have it downloaded in 6 minutes & 45 seconds.

The average superfast speed of 66 Mbps would take just over 37 minutes. If you only have ADSL broadband with an average speed of 10 Mbps it will take over FOUR hours.

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Virgin Media M350 broadband offers 362 Mbps download speeds with 36 Mbps upload speeds from £38.99 per month based on a 18 month contract.

Can I Get Virgin Media M350 Broadband in a TV Bundle?

Answer: Yes, if you watch the video above you will see the Bigger Volt Bundle on sale for £57 Per Month! The Bigger Volt Bundle features M350 Broadband an increase from the previous M200 Fibre with a 216 Mbps download speed.

This massive 146 Mbps upgrade will download Fortnite in over 6 minutes instead of the previous 11 minutes. This is still a lot faster than ADSL where a typical 10 Mbps download speed would take over four hours!

If you just need broadband and a home phone bundle you can also get Virgin Media M350 bundled with a home phone package.

Are You an O2 Mobile Customer?

If you are an O2 Mobile customer you will automatically get 10 GB of SIM data included in this bundle! This is a fantastic bundle for those shopping for a mobile provider in conjunction with broadband, TV, and home phone.

Does Virgin Media Offer Other Bundles With Volt?

Answer: Yes, Virgin Media teamed up with mobile carrier O2 to also create the TITANIC or also known as the Ultimate Volt Bundle. Here is a video of the latest Ultimate Volt Bundle deal to give you an idea of what is included.

Virgin Media M350 broadband offers 362 Mbps download speeds with 36 Mbps upload speeds from £38.99 per month based on a 18 month contract.

Ultimate Volt Bundle £99 Per Month Deal Highlights

Virgin Gig1 Fibre offers 1,104 Mbps download speeds, an increase from Virgin Media M600 with 630 Mbps download speeds. With M600 fibre you would still download Fortnite in 3 minutes 53 seconds instead of 2 minutes and 12 seconds with incredible Gig1 Fibre broadband

The Ultimate Volt Bundle comes with over 230 channels including BT Sport Ultra HD 4K and Sky channels in stunning HD. We will add the complete list here shortly for you. 

Ultimate Volt Bundle is a partner package with O2 mobile, which means O2 mobile customers will get Unlimited SIM Data! Now you never have to worry about data limits ever again with Virgin Media and O2.

Virgin Media JBL Speaker Deal is available on select TV and broadband deals. Choose either a £75, £150 bill credit or the JBL Speaker 6