Virgin Media M100 Fibre Only £25!

Virgin Media M100 Fibre Broadband On Sale for £27 Per Month
Save An Average of £162 On All Broadband Contracts! 

Virgin Media is offering one of their hottest broadband deals of the year by offering M100 Fibre Broadband with line rental for just £27 per month! This incredible ultrafast fibre broadband deal is cheaper than ALL superfast broadband deals on offer

Virgin Media Fibre Deals

Virgin M100

£27.00 Per Month

108 Mbps Download Speed

10 Mbps Upload Speed

Free Set Up!

18 Month Contract

Free Weekend Calls!

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Virgin M200

£32.00 Per Month

216 Mbps Download Speed

20 Mbps Upload Speed

Free Set Up!

18 Month Contract

Free Weekend Calls!

Virgin M500

£44.00 Per Month

516 Mbps Download Speed

36 Mbps Upload Speed

Free Set Up!

18 Month Contract

Unlimited UK Calling!

Does the Virgin M100 Fibre Broadband Deal Include a Call Plan?

Answer: Yes, not only do you get cheap ultrafast broadband you also get Free Unlimited Calling on Weekends. This deal is perfect for those that do most of their calling on weekends to keep in touch with family and friends!

You can relax knowing that Virgin Media is one of the best UK broadband providers according to the latest rankings from OfCom!

Virgin Media Broadband Deals

How Much Money Would I Save With This Fibre Broadband Deal?

The regular price for Virgin Media M100 broadband and phone is £34 per month, giving you a total contract savings of £162! Virgin Media has also lowered the prices for Virgin M200 fibre and Virgin M350 broadband

Can I Get a Virgin Media Broadband Only Deal?

Answer: Yes, however broadband with a phone line is currently cheaper with this incredible new deal rolled out by Virgin Media. Virgin Media M100 fibre broadband only is just £3 per month more currently! If you are an online gamer you can read about which Virgin Media broadband deals are good for gamers!

Virgin Media Broadband DealsHow Do I Get M600 Fibre with 630 Mbps Download Speeds?

Answer: New and Existing Virgin Media broadband customers that get the Ultimate Oomph Bundle will get M600 Fibre. The new Virgin M600 Fibre broadband plan features incredible 630 Mbps download speeds and 36 Mbps upload speeds.

Currently if you were to get a broadband only deal that fastest plan you can get M500 fibre broadband. Virgin Media announced they will be rolling out free upgrades from the M500 fibre to M600 fibre and aim to have completed by the end of 2021.

Virgin Media Broadband Deals

Save Money On All Virgin Media Broadband Plans

Right now ALL Broadband Plans save you £162 off the advertised price, feel free to smash the massive button below to visit Virgin Media. We will take you straight to their special online exclusive deal section.

We take you to where you want to go and your support is greatly appreciated. If you sign up through this offer with us we will DONATE £5 to a local UK GoFundMe located on our about us page. This is a win for everyone as your support helps inspire hope for people who truly need it!

Virgin Media Broadband Deals