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Sky broadband boost costs £5 per month as an add-on for your broadband connection with various features. Some Sky customers will find the boost very beneficial, and some may not need it at all. You can get this added to your Sky Essential, Sky Superfast, or Sky TV bundle.

Best Broadband & TV Bundles By Top UK Providers

Virgin Media Big Bundle £29.99 per month includes M100 fibre broadband with 108 Mbps download speeds and 10 Mbps upload speeds. Big Bundle comes with over 100 TV channels including MixIt TV. Price is only £29.99 per month and includes unlimited Free weekend calling.

Virgin Big Bundle

Unlimited Speeds

264 Mbps

  25 Mbps

2.0/5 on Trustpilot

18 Month Contract

100+ TV Channels

Free Weekend Calls!

Free Set Up!

£30.99 Per Month

£0 Upfront Fees!

Gigaclear Broadband offers 200 Mbps download and upload from only £17 per month on an 18 month contract.

Fibre 150

Unlimited Speeds

140 Mbps

 27 Mbps

4.1/5 on Trustpilot

Affordable TV

Includes Linksys Router

18 Month Contract

£15 Set Up Fee

£40.00 Per Month

 = £40.83p/m with Setup Fee

BT Broadband offers Fibre 2 Broadband and BT TV for just £46.99 per month and you can get BT Sport 4K with exclusive 4K Premier League Matches to dazzle your TV.

BT TV & Fibre 2

Unlimited Speeds

67 Mbps

19 Mbps

1.6/5 on Trustpilot

BT Reward Mastercard is Worth £110 for Black Friday in the UK

£50 Reward Mastercard for New Customers

24 Month Contract

£59.99 Set Up Fee

£52.99 Per Month

 = £53.41p/m With Gift Card & Setup Fee

Sky TV & Ultrafast Broadband is on Sale

Sky TV & Superfast

Unlimited Speeds

145 Mbps

20 Mbps

1.5/5 on Trustpilot

Sky Entertainment & Netflix Bundle!

250+ Channels

18 Month Contract

£10 Set Up Fee

£53.00 Per Month

 = £53.56p/m With Setup Fee

Sky Broadband Boost Key Features

Sky offers a WiFi guarantee of a minimum of 3 Mbps downloads speeds to every room of your house on your Wi-Fi network. This doesn’t include garages, sheds, or other outbuildings and unfinished rooms or lofts.

This would really benefit those with Sky Essential broadband more than those with superfast or ultrafast broadband. If your broadband speeds drop below 3 Mbps, you can get money back from Sky, provided you are using their Wi-Fi boosters. Our Sky Broadband Speed Test can show you how fast your current broadband speeds are for comparison purposes.

Sky Broadband and TV from Top UK Provider

Sky Broadband Buddy App

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The Sky Broadband Buddy App is worth every pence of the £5.00 monthly fee for many parents.  Sky Broadband Buddy allows parents to set proper schedules for their children and limit their screen time.

You can even set several screen time hours per day each child can have before the device shuts off. You can set alarms, so they have a countdown and aren’t shocked that the device is going night-night.

If you are looking for an App with strong ADULT filters, the Sky Broadband Buddy is developed by parents. 

Sky Broadband and TV from Top UK Provider

Sky Engineer Day or Night

Essentially because Sky Engineers are busier with the pandemic winding down, this £5.00 fee is like getting VIP Service when you want. Instead of waiting in line at the concert, you get to skip to #1 on their list. You can schedule a visit at 7 P.M. during the week or even 3 PM on a Saturday.

If you are a NEW  or EXISTING Sky Broadband customer, you can click on the Get Deal link below to get started. For a new customer Sky will ask you for your postcode. Existing customers can log in to their existing Sky accounts.

Once new customers put in their postcode, Sky’s postcode checker will show you which broadband deals are available to your address. Our official link will always give you the lowest available price. We appreciate your support and hope we found you the best broadband deals!

Sky Broadband and TV from Top UK Provider

Sky Broadband Ranked #3 in the UK

In case you are new to Sky, they are ranked #3 in the UK for overall customer satisfaction by OfCom. OfCom is the UK broadband and TV watchdog, and they oversee customer complaints and satisfaction. 

Sky Broadband and TV from Top UK Provider