Sky Mobile Phone Deals

Most Recent Sky Mobile Phone Deals

Below you will see the most recent Sky Mobile phone deals in order of most RECENT DATE. We aim to bring you the latest deals on the world’s best phones on offer by Sky Mobile.

Sky Mobile Phone Deals from £10 Per Month for 12 GB of Data

Here are the two most recent phone releases on offer by Sky Mobile.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is available for Pre-Order with Delivery expected by January 29th, 2021. If you are a fan of Apple then you may want to check out the Apple iPhone 12 on offer and see what Sky mobile can offer you.

Fantastic Sky Mobile Features

Sky Mobile offers “Roll” an incredible mobile phone feature that rolls ALL of your unused data onto your next month of data. This guarantees that you get to use ALL of your data.

The best part is if you want to upgrade your phone you can use your unused data towards the purchase of an upgrade. You can also choose a 12 month or 24 month plan based on your mobile phone needs.

Watch Sky TV on Your Sky Mobile Phone Data Free!

If you like to watch Sky Sports or Sky TV on your mobile phone you will never use ANY data with Sky Mobile. The great feature of being a Sky TV customer you don’t use any Sky TV data on your plan. If you watched Greys Anatomy on Sky Witness for example it would use exactly 0 GB on your data plan. Click the Sky mobile logo to see what Sky Mobile can do for you!

Sky Mobile Phone Deals from £10 Per Month for 12 GB of Data