Ultrafast Broadband Deals

Ultrafast Broadband Deals and Prices       

Deal Price
Advertised Price
18 Month Cost
  • Virgin Media M100 Plan

  • Virgin Media Broadband
  • Download
    108 Mbps
  • Upload
    10 Mbps
  • Contract Term
    18 Months
  • Set Up Fees
  • OfCom Ranking

  • £29 .94 /Month
    £28 .00 /Month
    £538 .82 /18 Mo

  • Sky Ultrafast Fibre

  • Logo
  • Download
    147 Mbps
  • Upload
    27 Mbps
  • Contract Term
    18 Months
  • Set Up Fees
  • OfCom Ranking

  • £36 .10 /Month
    £35 .00
    £649 .95 /18 Mo

What is “Full Fibre” and “Ultrafast Broadband”?

Fibre technology continues to get faster and faster, and the terms describing it are relatively new as well. You may have heard of fibre optic, which is the new wiring technology used for FTTP or Fibre To The Premises technology. There are currently three different network setups in the UK, including the following: ADSL, FTTC, and FTTP. EE Broadband offers three different ultrafast broadband with speeds ranging from 145 Mbps up to 900 Mbps.

What is ADSL?

ADSL is short for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line and offers the slowest speeds because it fully utilises ONLY copper wires. This means if you have ADSL, you have a MAXIMUM DOWNLOAD SPEED of only 24 Mbps and, therefore, unable to watch Ultra HD on your 4K television.

Did you know that Netflix requires at LEAST 25 Mbps to run Ultra HD shows on its platform and 5 Mbps for regular HD? If you plan to watch Live Sports such as the Premier League in Ultra HD, you will need at least 44 Mbps. You can also read about our extensive review on UK broadband and fibre coverage by an internet provider.

What is FTTC?

FTTC is short for Fibre To The Cabinet and has fibre optic installed from the main hub to the cabinet located on or near your street. From the cabinet to your home is copper wiring. FTTC offers a MAXIMUM DOWNLOAD SPEED of 80 Mbps and is usually referred to as Superfast broadband by UK broadband providers. It is 6x faster than ADSL and can be used for watching Ultra HD if only a couple of devices are connected.

What is FTTP?

FTTP is short for Fibre To The Premises and has fibre optic installed at the cabinet and also from the cabinet directly to your home. This is why FTTP is also referred to as “Full Fibre” or “Ultrafast” broadband. This technology can be 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps+) DOWNLOAD SPEEDS and is the newest technology available.

Fibre optic wiring is much faster than outdated copper and will help UK residents and businesses increase their productivity with much faster ultrafast broadband speeds. Virgin Media currently has the fastest fibre download speeds of 1104 Mbps or 1.1 Gbps and can download movies within seconds instead of minutes.

EE has a very decent line up of full-fibre broadband deals, including EE Fibre Max 100, EE Fibre Max 300, and EE Fibre Max 900.

UK Broadband Providers With FTTP Capabilities

BT and EE have both stepped up their FTTP game, and both offer 900 Mbps download speeds. We are still waiting for Sky and Plusnet to offer download speeds over 300 Mbps. Sky offers max ultrafast download speeds of 147 Mbps, and Plusnet still doesn’t have an FTTP option at this time.

Currently, FTTP networks are being expanded throughout the UK, including major cities such as London, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Bristol. Home internet providers like Sky, BT, EE, and Virgin Media are working around the clock to bring their full-fibre services to both businesses and residents.

We have listed the fastest plans available by provider below so you can compare fibre broadband quickly and easily with no fuss.