Best Virgin Media Broadband Deal for Gaming?

Which Virgin Media Broadband Package is Best for Gaming?

Virgin Media broadband offers several deals suitable for online gaming including the following ultrafast fibre speeds. Here they are listed by lowest to highest download speeds.

Virgin Media M125

£14.00 Per Month for 6 Months (Then £29/Month)

132 Mbps Upload

10 Mbps Upload

18 Month Contract

Free Set Up & Modem!

If you’re a serious online gamer chances are you already know that download speeds are crucial to low latency. If you have other devices connected to your Wi-Fi they also use your bandwidth resources simultaneously.

You can use the awesome bandwidth calculator which will estimate your required broadband speeds for you. It will open in a new window so you can close it after and start comparing the broadband prices for your recommended speed!

Virgin Media Broadband Deals

This means the M100 could complete a download in 13 minutes whilst it would only take over 3 minutes with the M600 broadband plan. When choosing plans over 108 Mbps, it comes down to a few factors.

One of the factors is how many devices are connected to the broadband service. Do you stream 4K television or UHD? If you do, you will want at least the M100 plan as high-resolution streaming video uses a lot of bandwidth.

Another factor to consider is digital downloading. If you are a gamer and download many games, you will want a fast speed not to spend several hours downloading.

If you watch Netflix, you will need at least 25 Mbps download speeds for streaming Netflix in Ultra HD. You can also get the Virgin Media Bigger Bundle if you’re looking to bundle broadband, phone, and TV services with Virgin Media.

Virgin Media Broadband Deals