Is Shell Energy Broadband Any Good?

 How Good is Shell Energy Broadband?

Shell Energy Fast Broadband offers 10 Mbps download speeds for £15.99 per month

Shell Energy Broadband has a solid 4.1/5 rating on TrustPilot with over 54,000 reviews and several Five Star ratings. Shell also won a 2020 Award from Resolver for Excellent Customer Service and beat broadband giants BT and EE.

Shell Energy Broadband Resolver Award for 2020

Shell ended up getting 86% with BT at 84% and third place EE with 78% with a faster call response time and resolution. We have also listed Shell Energy Full Fibre 100 which offers 100 Mbps download speeds for only £30.99 per month!

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How Fast is Shell Energy Fibre Plus?

Shell Energy Superfast broadband offers 67 Mbps download and 19 Mbps upload speeds which is also comparable to BT’s Fibre 2 and EE Fibre Plus broadband. Superfast fibre is up to six times faster than traditional ADSL broadband and can download Fortnite (17.5 GB) in as little as 35 minutes. ADSL broadband would take a painful four hours to download the same game.

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How Can I Contact Shell Energy Broadband if I Have a Question?

Shell Energy broadband offers amazing customer service and you can ring them on 0330 0945800 or message them on live chat or email. You won’t have to wait on the line very long to talk to a live UK based customer service representative.

If You Switch We Will Donate £5 to a Local UK GoFundMe located on our about us page.

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What is the Best Deal on Offer From Shell Energy Broadband?

Shell currently offers Superfast Fibre Plus for just £21.99 Per Month on an 18 month contract. 


What Router Does Shell Energy Broadband Use?

Shell Energy Technicolour Router

Shell Energy Broadband uses this Technicolor router and includes instructions on how to connect both Android and Apple devices. If you already have a router you can also use the router from your current provider if you find it faster. Several customers find Shell Energy to be very good and well worth the price!

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