Shell Energy Broadband ★ 290 Mbps Only £44.99

Shell Energy Broadband - Ultrafast Fibre for £44.99 per month with 290 Mbps download speeds and 27 Mbps upload speeds.Cheapest Broadband Under 330 Mbps ★ £44.99 Per Month

Shell Energy offers affordable fibre broadband and there are NO price rises after the contract ends. This deal is great for those who don’t want to switch providers every 18 months and prefer price stability.

The only drawback of getting Shell Energy broadband is some customers were unhappy with the router. You can find routers under £52 on Amazon UK which is a brilliant investment for the long term. The pounds you will save by using Shell Energy broadband is huge!

For example, Shell Energy would only cost £809.82 over 18 months compared to BT Fibre 250 which is £917.82. If you factor in the router cost, Shell Energy Ultrafast Fibre Plus comes in at £861.82 and is £56 cheaper after 18 months.

If you were to compare the cost over 24 months for both plans, Shell Fibre Plus would cost £1131.76 (Including £52 Router) compared to Fibre 250 at £1223.76. Just in 24 months, you would save £92.00.

What Ultrafast Broadband Plans/Deals Does Shell Energy Broadband Offer?

Shell Energy broadband currently offers two different ultrafast fibre options which we have displayed below for easy comparison.

Shell Full Fibre Deals

Shell Energy Ultrafast Broadband Logo

Shell Ultrafast Fibre

£41.99 Per Month

150 Mbps Average Speed

25 Mbps Upload Speed

No Connection Fees!

18 Month Contract

Unlimited Downloads!

Shell Energy Ultrafast Fibre Plus broadband Logo

Shell Ultrafast Plus

£46.99 Per Month

300 Mbps Average Speed

45 Mbps Upload Speed

No Connection Fees!

18 Month Contract

Unlimited Downloads!

Shell Energy Call Bundles

Add UK Calling

£9.00 Per Month

Unlimited Anytime

Add to Any Broadband Plan

Includes 01, 02, & 03

Numbers & Mobiles

Unlimited Downloads!

Are There Any Set-Up Fees or Connection Charges With Shell?

Shell Energy broadband charges £0.00 for switching including no connection fees, no activation fees, or even postage fees. If your monthly price is £44.99 per month it will stay the same price even after the contract expires. 

Can I Add a Landline Calling Plan to My Broadband Plan?

Yes, you can add Unlimited Anytime UK Calling for just an extra £9 per month or £5 Per Month for Weekends and Evenings. As a Shell Energy broadband customer, you will also get exclusive Shell Energy rewards including discounts on Petrol.