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BT Business Full Fibre April 2021 Deal

BT Business is launching the rebranding of two full-fibre business broadband packages formerly known as Ultrafast 1 and Ultrafast 2. Ultrafast 1 Broadband will now be known as BT Business Full Fibre 150, and here is their new pricing for April 2021.

BT Business Full Fibre 150 Broadband offering download speeds of 150 MbpsBT Business Full Fibre 150 Features:

Full Fibre 150 offers 150 Mbps download speeds ideal for UK businesses that use a lot of bandwidth or have several employees connected to a single network. 

Full Fibre 150 is excellent for small, medium, and smaller corporations that could benefit from 150 Mbps download speeds.

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If you have a large corporation and require a lot of fast downloading, we recommend Full Fibre 300 below.

BT Business Full Fibre 300 offering download speeds of 300 Mbps for £47.95 per month

BT Business Full Fibre 300 Features:

BT Business Full Fibre 300 offers brilliant download speeds of over 300 Mbps, with upload speeds topping 48 Mbps. You can get Full Fibre 300 for just £47.95 per month and a small £9.95 postage fee.

If you’re a large corporation or download a lot of data, this is the best business broadband deal for your business. 

Business Full Fibre is still being rolled out across the UK and is available to over 20% of UK businesses. Feel free to bookmark this page to check back for updates, as we will be listing locations with availability. We will be making weekly updates. 

We know that currently, the St. Pauls St. area of Manchester, UK has ultrafast fibre availability. 

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What Full Fibre Deal Do We Recommend?

Our recommendation is based on efficiency and is based on your desired outcomes for your business. For Example, if your company uses broadband only to surf the internet, you may not need ultrafast broadband. 

If, on the other hand, your business downloads a lot of data, we recommend BT Business Full Fibre 300. This upsell isn’t on purpose. It is only based on if your business downloads enough data to warrant spending an extra £5.00 per month. 

We believe that spending the extra £5.00 to DOUBLE your download speed is worth it to most, if not all, UK businesses that download a lot of data. If you download under 200 GB of data in a month, you may benefit from BT Business Superfast Fibre

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BT Business Always Connected Guarantee

Both BT Business Full Fibre 150 and 300 come with the “Always Connected Guarantee”. This means if your business broadband cuts out, you will automatically have your connection switched to 4G. BT constantly monitors their broadband lines which automatically detect faults.

If you’re disconnected for longer than 30 minutes, you are entitled to a £25 reimbursement paid out from BT Business Broadband. 

BT offers exceptional broadband services for UK businesses, and OfCom ranks BT as one of the Top 3 Broadband providers in the UK. If you’re looking for the cheapest offers for business broadband we recommend looking at £18 per month cheap business broadband options.

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What is Business Fibre To The Premises?

Full Fibre broadband is referred to as FTTP broadband or “Fibre To The Premises” business internet. This type of broadband uses fibre optic wires that go directly from the cabinet to the premises.

Full Fibre is also a lot more reliable than traditional ADSL copper wiring as fibre optic breaks down less frequently. If you are looking for blazing-fast broadband speeds for your business, BT Business broadband will deliver.

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