Virgin Media Gig1

Virgin Media Gig1 Speeds and Price

Virgin Media Gig1 fibre offers insane 1.1 Gbps (1,104 Mbps) download speeds and is the fastest broadband speeds currently on offer. You can get Gig1 for just £64 Per Month with a £35 set up fee. 

Virgin Media Gig1

What is UK Cities Virgin Media Gig1 Fibre Available In?

If you live in the following UK cities, you may have access to Virgin Media Gig1 Fibre. London, Liverpool, Leeds, Southampton, Reading, and Manchester.

Kingston, Harrow, and Dartford are all towns added near London whilst Bolton and Bury have joined the Gig1 fibre network in Manchester.

Virgin Media broadband engineers are working feverishly to complete the ultrafast network expansion across the UK. Virgin Media is well ahead of its rivals, with over 50% of households having access to Virgin Media’s ultrafast network.

How Fast is Gig1 Fibre Compared to Other Providers?

When you compare Virgin Media Gig1 fibre’s download speed to other providers, there is a big difference. If you were to download Fortnite to your gaming console using Gig1 fibre it would only take 2 minutes 12 seconds

In contrast to BT Full Fibre 900 and EE Fibre Max 900, they would take 2 minutes 43 seconds to download. Superfast fibre would take over 36 minutes to download with an average download speed of 67 Mbps. Sky Ultrafast broadband would take around 16 minutes to download at 145 Mbps.

Virgin Media Gig1What Is Virgin Media’s Upload Speed?

Gig1 Fibre offers a 51 Mbps upload speed faster than the download speeds of basic fibre broadband plans. Having a lightning-fast upload speed is great for those that upload a lot of files such as photos or videos.

A photographer probably uploads 200-500 pictures from one session. This adds up to a lot of time saved with fast upload speeds.

Using Virgin Media Gig1 Fibre for Watching Ultra HD

With over 1.1 Gbps of download speeds available, you will never have any issues watching Ultra HD. Netflix recommends at least 25 Mbps download speed for Ultra HD.

It’s clear that Gig1 Fibre destroys the minimum requirements and is perfect for big households. You will be able to watch Manchester United take on Liverpool in stunning Ultra HD. Now, if a player is injured, you will see if it was a scene from a Hollywood drama or a legit muscle tear.

Virgin Media Gig1